Notes and corrections for the cartesian decompositions book

Other small errors and typos (reported by Lei Chen):

  • Proof of Theorem 3.12 (i), page 55, line -3 of the proof of (i): $N$ should be $N\chi$.
  • Proof of Corollary 3.13, page 57, line 1: $K \vartheta$ should be $K\chi$.
  • Claim 2 in Proposition 3.20, page 63:
    • $\Omega$ is the set being acted on.
    • In line 1 of the proof of this claim, $\gamma$ and $\delta$ are bothย contained in $\Sigma_1$ and both contained in $\Sigma_2$.
  • Page 83 line -2: In the display, the last entry on the right-hand side should be $c_k(t_1\varphi_k)$.