Csaba Schneider

About myself

I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Previously I worked as a Research Fellow in the Center of Algebra of The University of Lisbon and in the Computer and Automation Research Institute, Budapest. I held post-doctoral research positions at The Technical Univeristy of Braunschweig and at The University of Western Australia.

I hold a PhD in Mathematics from The Australian National University and an MSc from the Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary (currently known as The University of Debrecen).

I work in the areas of algebra, computational algebra and group theory. My main interest is the theory of finite groups, in particular, the theory of permutation groups, finite p-groups, and computational group theory. I study finite permutation groups that preserve certain structures, such as partitions, cartesian decompositions, or finite geometries, of the underlying set. My work on computational algebra focuses on the development and implementation of efficient algorithms to work with finite groups and finite-dimensional Lie algebras in computational algebra systems. One of my aims is to use computational methods to obtain classifications of certain classes of groups and Lie algebras and to make such classifications available as digital libraries. In addition, I have strong interest in the theory of Lie and associative algebras and their applications in the theory of finite groups.

Being a member of the organizing committee of the conference Groups and Semigroups: Interactions and Computations (Lisbon, July of 2011) was one of the highlights of my career.

I was a member of the Scientific Committee of the 24th Brazilian Algebra Meeting organized by the UFMG and held in 2016 in Diamantina, MG, Brazil.

My email address is csaba dot schneider at gmail dot com.

My detailed CV can be accessed from Lattes.